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Hello, and Welcome

Best wishes and a hearty welcome,

The goal of the online community known as "Still I Rize" is to rethink what it means to be mentally healthy by providing a haven of safety for families who are coping with mental illness and provide an environment of support for individuals who are recovering from depression and other mental health challenges.

So that you never feel alone, regardless of who you are, where you are on the globe, or the obstacles you face, our greatest desire is that this site provides hope and encouragement and be a place of refuge that can provide various services such as self-help programs, career resources, and forums for discussion and community outreach. 

And with that said, we would like to say WELCOME to the “STILL I R.I.Z.E." community, where we are Resilient, Inspirational, Zealous, and Empowered. 

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A Little About The Founder and CEO...

"Empowered by Adversity, Inspired by Resilience: Her Journey, Her Triumph."

Meet Cinita Mannings, a proud New York State licensed Registered Nurse at a trauma care hospital who is currently pursuing a Family Nurse Practitioner's degree. However, be aware that her career and life journey did not start here, and it has not been smooth sailing in the seas of life. Through her many challenges, she has discovered the genuine power of overcoming the errors, suffering, obstacles, and traumas of one's life via the turbulent seas. Through these mistakes and challenges, she has learned what it takes to be the most excellent possible version of herself daily.​

Cinita, a proud descendant of Guyana and an even prouder citizen of what she considers to be the greatest country in the world - the United States of America, Cinita proudly states that she fell in love with this country as a teenager because she knew and always had gracefully embraced all the attractive opportunities it could offer, and has endeavored to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible since young adult.

Cinita is not afraid to confess that she has made many errors along the road but no longer regrets them since she now realizes that these mistakes, challenges, and failures have shaped her into the woman she is today.

With a humble spirit, she hopes to teach her readers that her achievement resulted from stepping outside her comfort zone and embracing the hurdles and setbacks that life provided. Those same setbacks, obstacles, and challenges she overcame propelled her to build a community like this one at "Still I Rize." Her goals and dreams are to work with individuals of all ages to encourage, uplift, inspire, and assist them in overcoming life's difficulties. Observing the success of others around her, whether they be her children, spouse, extended family, friends, or acquaintances, brings her immense joy.

A Little About me
Welcome Messag

As a guest, you are an integral part of our incredible community, and we want to welcome you with open arms. We seek to encourage, inspire, and motivate individuals of all ages via this platform. We want to reassure you that this is a safe space, where you may find serenity, comfort, mentoring, and tools to aid you on your path through life.

Someone once told me, "God wants you to have something big and amazing because you are alive." Today, I'm passing along this message: "If you are living, you deserve something amazing and lovely." And I want to assist you in achieving this objective.

This platform is intended to serve us all most effectively and constructively; it is a place where we can develop mental clarity,  learn, share each other's experiences, and care for our communities, families, and neighbors. Here you can discover many articles and information designed to assist us in our everyday lives and activities. We also welcome you to offer your thoughts.

We appreciate your participation in our community, and you may participate in various ways. You may contact us using the website's chat function or by emailing us at

In addition to our website, you may find us on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. [Include links to your social media profiles]

Sign up for our weekly newsletter [include newsletter signup] to remain informed about upcoming events, zoom parties, and meetings. I'm thrilled to work with you to build a vibrant community at 'STILL I R.I.Z.E.'



With affection and affirmation,

Cinita Mannings.

Founder of "STILL I R.I.Z.E"

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